Dikt - poem - Add one - Lägg till en

Add one new thing every day,

learn something new each day,

add a new country,

add a new culture,

add a new flower,

add a new word,

add something new to your knowledge,

add something new to your vocabulary,

add something interesting,

add some new thoughts,

add them all to your mind,

learn about cultures, people and technology,

learn about humanity, cruelty and compassion,

learn about Earth, nature and the eco-system,

learn about how all is connected,

from the little flower that blooms,

to the dangerous technologies that we consume,

learn of the impact of Western life styles,

learn about the people fleeing because of climate change,

learn about inhumanity and the side effects of your life style,

learn and then change it,

to the better,

to greener fields, to better technologies, to more humane actions,

to a eco-friendly life style,

learn and then teach others,

so we have a future even tomorrow...

Written by Upphovsrätten tillhör Copyright belongs to