Dikt - poem - The girl with pink hair - flickan med rosa hår

Inside the girl had pink hair many years ago
She found pink hair more her
But she did not do it
She couldn't dy her hair pink
Not as long as she did practise periods
She just couldn't
So she didn't
Not until she had work
But then she had work
She thought about dying her hair
But still she just couldn't dy it pink
One day she spoke with the team leader
She told her dream about having pink hair
The team leader adviced her to not dy it
Not if she wanted to continue having respect
So even though she now had completed her studies
Her practise periods where complete
and she had work
The girl didn't dy her hair pink
Old age started to get to her
She now started to have grey hair
Now she had ended the job and was going to a a new one
She postsponed dying her hair again
There she is
Forever dreamin' about doing the things she never does
There is always something that comes in between
There is always societies expectations in the back of her mind
She doesn't have courage enough to dy her hair pink
Many people are like her
Some that do dare to do their thing
Well they are frozen out and bullied many times
It takes courage to be a game changer
She wants to be the cool art teacher that dares to be herself
She already dresses different
She already looks different
She already is
But the last part of her transformations are still in limbo
Some game changers are hard to do
Support the game changers of this planet
It makes it easier on everyone to go forward
If we all dare to be ourselves
If we get rid of the masks we hide under
More of us would be happier even
So what do you say?
Would you have dyed your hair pink?
Would you listen to your teacher with pink hair?
Or would you value her less?
Just beacuse she had pink hair?

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 Illustrationen är skapad av Homestylist. Illustration is created by Homestylist.