The dollar billionaires are going exstinct
The regular people had started to wake up from the madness of being slaves for Centuries,
the multi millionaires and the billionaires had too often been bad employers and enslaved people in order to get their success, some more evil than the other,
the billionaires where suffocating the planet Earth,
now the worlds children understood that,
so they started to rebel against the billionaires companies and lifestyles,
the multi millionaires and money billionaires that too often lived in extra vagansa and hurt our planet Earth,
a majority of enlightened kids had woken up and therefor saw no other way to help Earth to recovery than to exterminate all billionaires and multi millionaires,
no one was ever gonna be a billionaire anymore unless inflation made money worthless,
the kids knew that without the eco-system in balance and without having mother Earth's wellbeing in focus everything would go downhill,
the weather was already on the edge, 
storms, volcano erruptions, floodings, drought, melting ice mountains, where just the tip of the ice berg of what to come,
even usually calm places started to have hurricanes and even grown ups started to wake up,
people of mankind where going exstinct, if people of mankind didn't change,
there where people that already knew that, they tried to tell the populations, but too many didn't see themselves in the bigger picture, they simply didn't listen or try to do what they could do,
Earth was suffering, but so was nature and animals too, even people of mankind suffered from the billionaires and multi millionaires greed, 
Earth was unfit for eco-balance, Earth was off-balance and all the world needed to help Earth back to balance, 
but for that all billionaires and multi-millionaires(those with too much money) needed to go exstinct and become regular people, just like any dude in any work place,
then Earth could start to heal, when everyone had equal power, equal say, because for mother Earth a person is not more valueable than the simplest sun flower. 
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