No harassment - poem - dikt
I am no harrassment,
I am just the reminder, 
of your inner key, 
that you seek to feel free,
that you seek to feel free,
even though you might think different,
I just want you to heal,
I am a reminder,
of all you wanted to dare,
I am a reminder, 
that you needed, 
in order for you to feel free, 
to help you find your inner key,
I am a reminder, 
that you should follow your heart,
I am the silence in you mind,
the peace within,
I am all your inner thoughts,
I am all of you,
I am reflection in your mirror,
you have what you seek inside,
you just replaced it with the shallow in your mind,
you have never been hollow inside,
glamour just clouds your mind,
so that pushed your heart inside,
which makes you feel there is a black hole inside,
but that is not real,
because you and your spirit is still whole inside,
let go of all your troubles on your mind,
love is within,
you just locked you heart inside,
don't let greed,
glamour and wickedness cloud your mind,
let yourself free,
your soul is free,
your heart is always true,
it is all inside,
you've got the key,
you just have to listen,
to the music inside,
let go of all the troubles in your mind,
start living,
start to share your love to yourself,
be all wild and free,
now you can heal, 
and be free"
I wrote this 2016.
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