Dandelion - poem
Maybe you notice the dandelion on the path to that place,
maybe you see it for what it is,
or maybe you see the Dandelion as a weed,
a plant that is not supposed to be there,
like it is an wild inhabitant just laying it's roots without asking you or anyone else for permission,
it just is there, either giving you a delight on your path, or annoying you terribly much,
so which one is it'? The lighting up your day plant or the annoying weed plant?
The dandelion is a plant, just like any other plant, just like you are a human, just like any other human,
even if you might have hubris and think you are all that,
who knows, maybe the dandelion feels the same? have you ever heard it's thoughts?
perhaps you are one of those that argues that a dandelion cannot think...
then I say, do you see things for what they are? do you?
if you do, you would know that a dandelion is just like any other dandelion,
you are no more worth than any other human, even if you might argue that you are,
you put the value on things, does Mother Earth?
what ever your answer is, have you thought about it? are you sure?
suck it all in, think about it, are you more important than the dandelion?
the dandelion might hold many keys, of which you actually do not know anything about,
dandelions are as important as you,
you are just like a dandelion,
that means you can also blossom, when your time has come,
will you blossom and use the opportunity?
well, so there it was, that wild dandelion, giving you some joy, maybe even a cure...
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Bildkälla: pixabay.com