Poem by Homestylist - Liche'

Poem, written by Homestylist. Dikt skriven av Homestylist. Dikten heter Liche' och är skriven på svenska. Poem is named Liche'. Poem is in Swedish.

[caption id="attachment_2950" align="alignleft" width="394"]Poem, Liche', written by Homestylist. Copyright belongs to
Dikt, Liche', skriven av Homestylist. Upphovsrätten för foto och dikt och konst tillhör Homestylist, homestylist.blogg ( Kopiera och citera inte. Läs endast på mina egna bloggar. Länka fritt till min egen blogg. 
Poem, Liche' is written by Homestylist, copyright of photo, art and poem belongs to ( Don't copy. Don't quote. Just read here, on the blog, for free. You may link.[/caption]




I wish I had my own tailor
If I had the money, I would hire one. I know exactly who. I then would like a plus size model. Then do art clothes with that model and haute coture with the tailor. Art pieces to embrace the beautiful figure of a real women, not some anorectic fashion ideal in weekly magazines. No a real women. It would be a great thing to do. When my studies are completed, then perhaps I start working, then perhaps I could afford to realize that idea. Recycling and ecological solution for art. I have an idea.
Creating family privacy in small spaces
In this YouTube video they show how to create spaces in small spaces, so that there is privacy and functionality for a family life.