Sidelines, the year is 2200

The child sat there,

on the bench,

watching, thinking and wondering,

about what the others did,

chasing a ball over the playground,

kicking the ball,

making it move,

caught by other feet,

just to be kicked into a goal,

what was the point of the game really?

perhaps reaching the goal was the target,

the kid continued watching, thinking and wondering,

why the other kids enjoyed such a silly game,

the kid watched at the few trees that hang on at the school yard,

how people tormented the green,

what ever there was left in the city,

the child watched and wondered,

why there where not much wonderful green lawns and trees,

the playground was rock and asphalt, hard and unfriendly,

not even a nice color,

the playground was boring really,

to boring to really enjoy,

the child entered a memory of magical woods and hills,

those that now where almost exstinct,

because of all the poision,

finally the bell rang,

the children where not allowed to be outside more than 10 minutes,

due to all the poision,

in the air,

staying longer made the children sick,

so children tried to enjoy to be outdoors in the black and grey concrete and asphalt jungle,

whilst they still could,

soon they might not even be able to go outside,

all because some people in the 21st Century didn't listen to all the warnings,

all because of that...

Don't think for a minute that this isn't real today, it is, in some cities in China.

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