The dying planet - poem
Humanity saw, but could not see
Humanity felt, but could not feel
Humanity heard, but could not hear
Humanity could care, but didn't care
Humanity could change, but didn't change
Who is humanity? You are humanity.
You don't see
You don't feel
You don't hear
You don't care
I don't change
So what the point in you being to do all those things, when you don't do them?
Seeing starts with you
Feeling starts with you
Hearing starts with you
Caring starts with you
Change starts with you
You have the power to see, feel, hear, care and change, so my question to you is:
Why don't you see, feel, hear, care and change?
If you really did see, feel, hear, care and change mother Earth wouldn't be dying because of you... if everyone reads this... and starts changing.... well then there is hope, but right now you are in limbo. If you don't change, why should anyone change? Then you will leave this planet with the bread crumbs you left behind... a dying planet for a dying humanity...
That is so sad, yet there is no change in you.... 
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