The dying greedy search engine - poem
The search engine had turned so greedy,
they had stopped listing the real trademarks people owned,
that where the legal owners of trademarks, 
because they only had evilness in the people working for them,
they had simply forgotten to be fair,
they had no way to be fair, 
since they where clouded in their clouds,
set to the unfair,
to the greedy,
the evil, dark side of technology,
some had woken up and understood that, 
politicians and lawmakers had understood,
that the evil was in the biggest IT-companies in the world,
they where the evil, dangerous companies, 
destroying humanity, Earth and peace by their insane greed,
how sad, because they will all vanish, 
one by one they will be gone, very soon.
Poem by Homestylist. All science fiction poems become reality in the nearby future. How sad for the big IT-companies that they are gonna vanish. None of the woken wants greedy, spycompanies anymore. Copyright belongs to Homestylist. 
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