The end of Google - Slutet för Google poem - dikt
Google had become such a evil company,
that they no longer had a humane side to their technology anymore,
they let evilness cloud their clouds,
they forgot the humane side in the technology,
they turned to the darkside, 
the dangerous technology,
that tracks, spies and manipulates people,
Google had become the real terrorists online,
they had become the real threat online,
they where a threat to everyones privacy,
even kids where targets, 
surveillenced by GPS movement,
everything stored on Google servers,
Google had made it hard for regular users to know how to turn off all spies,
even if they did find out,
they could never remove all the surveillence that Google did,
because they even looked in your voice commands,
in your text messages, 
in your microphone, 
they listened to everything,
evil people working at Google up to 2018, 
misused the technology and hurt innocent people,
spied on them and finally one user had enough,
skilled enough, understanding more about technology, than the regular users, 
had enough,
it put it all to spin,
it was time to end Google
and put the Google billionaires, that in fact where the real terrorists working inside Google behind bars, the Google billionaires where going to jail, those that built Google,
it was time to put the people that created evil Google billionaires, that created Google, including their paid bosses, in jail for the rest of their stay on Earth,
soon enough Google went to a digital grave,
never to rise again, 
instead a new shining start that gave privacy to all the worlds people would rise,
all old IT companies where going to parish,
because the new technology had morals, 
it cared about people, 
it helped people, instead of being evil, 
it gave world peace and people joined hands, 
something Google never could, because they where pure evil in its essance, 
just as bad Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, TikTok, Tellonym, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Whatsapp, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Intel etcetera,
the future had no future for old technologies like their spying, tracking, inhumane solutions, inhumane solutions that made life bad for people, in one way or another,
the future only had place for the new,
moral compasses in the bright minds that set off to create the worlds first dots
A new Era was rising,
it was the Universe taking over, with the guidence of Mother Earth,
people joined and raised money to the new technology of dots, not those that try to copycat dots, those would be cast out and vanish, only the real dots belonged to the new era, not the copycats, that soon would parish, 
it wasn't the billionaires or multi millionaires that raised the money, it was the regular people, 
those that had to work to earn a living,
the billionaires had already ruined so much, 
all their money was drenched and soaked in oil and blood,
that money wasn't any good for anyone,
it was just full of misery,
in the end there would be room for no more war,
the new technology was designed that way,
so you couldn't wage war... and if you did... well.... watch and see,
the future is here..
Google Era is dying,
Google is going out of buisness, 
vanished from the universe forever....
for the future of humanity and Earth wild nature and wild life
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The electronic universes karma is on dots side, to make Google disapear forever. Google has no future in the electronic universe. The end of Google has started. Google will be dismanteled bit by bit, til there is no Google anymore.