Dikt - poem - Be true - Var sann

They sat there

All of them

Children with different colors of their eyes

One with brown eyes, one with black eyes, one with blue eyes, one with green eyes and one with yellow eyes

They where all siblings and they all had red hair

Mum had green eyes and dad had brown eyes
Mum had red hair and father had dirty blone hair

Grandmother had blue eyes and the other grandmother had yellow eyes
One grandmother had red hair and the other had blonde hair

Grandfather had black eyes and the other grandfather had brown eyes

One grandfather had black hair and the other grandfather had brown hair

There they sat, on a row, wating for food

They sat according to age

The youngest only zero years old, the next one year older and so forth, one year between each

They where a family with lot of children and different color of eyes

But still their mother and father loved them dearly

Nobody ever questioned if they all came from the same mother and father

They all had a tiny nose, wonderful full lips and that redish hair and freckles

Even though they all had unique eye colors

They all looked a like

Isn’t it strange that they all got the red hair, but different colors of eyes

Some might think

But what is really eye color all about

Does it matter

They are still a family

Even if each and everyone looked different

Had different noses and so forth

Genes can play tricks on us

And you never know when the trick is on you

Be true, don’t look at others just see the unique you

We are all ment to be the one we are

Set your spirit free from all those measurements you are put through

Love every bit of you

Be nice to your soul

Care for it

The soul carries the true you

Where ever you happen to go

Even if it is just for show

Be true, to the soul inside of you

Written by Homestylist. Don't copy, don't quote, don't borrow. Leave everything, every little piece of my poem here on my blog. Just read it here. You are free to link here.

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