Dikt - poem - Concrete heart - Betonghjärta

Many people have to live in the concrete jungles of this world
Places of bordom
Places of low community services
Maybe some concrete jungles are even worn down
hostile and uninviting
In bordom some live year after year
Some even have to little money to even do anything
Some might be without work
Whilst others work too much and rest to little
Some live alone
Others share living space
They are different even in the concrete jungle
They have dreams even in the concrete jungle
We are all people
Some live in concrete jungles
Maybe they have concrete hearts?
Do I need an instruction manual to read it?
How do I treat a concrete heart?
Do I nurish it just as any other heart?
Maybe I should cherish even the concrete heart with cotton?
So when did you last use or even abuse your concrete heart employee?
Did you give the concrete hearts value?
Did you give your concrete heart employees saleries that give a possibility to enjoy living?
Did you show your conrete heart employees that you need them?
Did you show your concrete hearts that you appriciate their jobs?
Even a concrete heart needs understanding, money and a valueable job
So show your concrete employees understanding, fill up their pockets & cherish their work
Just as with the CEO, just as with the shareholder, just as the customers...
A concrete heart needs the same treatment as any other
So remember that
Because in the next life you are the concrete heart


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